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Hong Kong to resume flights with nine countries from April 1

21.03.2022 105 просмотров

In particular, flights to Australia, Great Britain, India, Nepal, Canada, and the USA will resume.

From April 1, the Hong Kong authorities will lift the ban on flights with nine countries, introduced at the beginning of the year due to the spread of the omicron strain of coronavirus. This was announced on Monday at a press conference by the head of the local administration Carrie Lam.

"From April 1, the Hong Kong government will lift the ban on flights with nine countries," - she said. Flights to Australia, the UK, India, Nepal, Canada, the USA, Pakistan, the Philippines and France will resume. In addition, according to the head of the region, the quarantine period in hotels for passengers can be reduced from two to one week if tests for covid show negative results on the sixth and seventh day of stay. At the same time, entry into Hong Kong is still open only to residents of the city.

Carrie Lam also announced plans to gradually ease anti-COVID restrictions in the metropolis in three stages starting from April 21. At present, the scale of the epidemic is steadily declining, and the vaccination rate has reached 91.5%.

Since January, this special administrative region of China has been hit by the fifth and most serious wave of COVID-19. Schools, sports, cultural and entertainment facilities are closed in the metropolis. Residents are prohibited from gathering in groups of more than two people.

On Sunday, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection decreased to 14.1 thousand. At the peak of the epidemic, which occurred on March 9, this figure reached almost 59 thousand.

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