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Hong Kong to launch free taxi service for patients with mild COVID-19

18.02.2022 36 просмотров

For this purpose, a fleet of 300 vehicles is allocated, the South China Morning Post notes.

free taxi service to take patients with mild Covid from home to hospitals will be launched from Friday in Hong Kong. The South China Morning Post reported on Thursday that a fleet of 300 vehicles will be allocated for this purpose.

Their drivers will be provided with protective equipment and will be tested daily, and the cabin will be disinfected. The authorities have pledged to pay for the services of these specialized taxis at the rate of 3,000 Hong Kong dollars per day (384 US dollars) per vehicle.


This Special Administrative Region of China, where 84.5% of the population has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, is currently experiencing the largest outbreak of infection since the beginning of the pandemic. On Wednesday, 4,285 new cases of infection were confirmed in the city, which became a new anti-record here. Nine patients have died.

Schools, sports, cultural and entertainment facilities are closed in the metropolis. Restaurants after 18:00 (13:00 Moscow time) are allowed to work only takeaway. Chinese PresidentXi Jinping ordered on Wednesday to make every effort to bring the outbreak in this autonomous region under control as soon as possible.

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