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Hong Kong prepares to face the elements

13.10.2020 35 просмотров

In Hong Kong, schools, offices and the stock exchange are closed due to the storm.

The approach of Tropical Cyclone Nangka on Tuesday paralyzed normal life in Hong Kong. The city has announced the eighth storm warning signal on a ten-point scale. This means the closure of all schools, offices, banks, government agencies, the abolition of trading on the stock exchange.

According to the local meteorological observatory, the epicenter of the cyclone by this hour is in the South China Sea at a distance of 460 km from this special administrative region  China. The atmospheric funnel is shifting towards Hinan Island, it will not directly affect Hong Kong and will move away from it. However, as forecasters explain, under the influence of the northeast monsoon in the Pacific Ocean, the cyclone significantly increased its effect throughout the region.

A storm warning has also been announced in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, on the resort island of Hainan, in Macau. The  northern regions of Vietnam will also be in the bad weather zone.

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