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Hong Kong loosens coronavirus restrictions

21.04.2022 120 просмотров

Sports, entertainment and cultural facilities have reopened in Hong Kong.

Sports, entertainment and cultural venues reopened in Hong Kong on Thursday. Local authorities announced the start of the first stage of easing restrictive measures against the backdrop of a decline in the current outbreak of coronavirus.

We are talking about the resumption of the work of Disneyland, gyms, cinemas, beauty salons, religious buildings, libraries, museums. They were closed in early January, when the fifth wave of the epidemic swept through the city, and will be able to operate at 50% occupancy for vaccinated visitors.

Restaurants have extended their opening hours from 18:00 to 22:00. The population was allowed to gather in groups of up to four people instead of the current two, while maintaining a strict mask regime. Beaches, swimming pools, picnic areas and bars will remain closed for the time being.

In-person classes have resumed in the city since Tuesday. Over the past two days, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Hong Kong has fallen below 700. At the peak of the epidemic, which occurred on March 9, this figure reached almost 59 thousand.

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