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Hong Kong airline to open world's longest route

29.03.2022 94 просмотров

Cathay Pacific  plans to develop a new Hong Kong - New York flight route. 

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific plans to operate non-stop flights on the route New York-Hong Kong bypassing Russian airspace, which will be the longest air route in the world.

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Usually, Cathay Pacific aircraft flew through the Arctic, entering Russian airspace. But due to Western sanctions against Russia, a number of Asian airlines avoid flying over Russian territory.

When flying from New York to  Hong Kong airliners Cathay Pacific will cover a distance of  16,618 km in approximately 17 hours. Now, a non-stop flight from Singapore to New York (15,349 km) is considered the longest route, Bloomberg notes.

A representative of Cathay Pacific said that Airbus A-350-1000 aircraft will be used on the route.

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