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Honey cake is in huge demand in Dubai

25.05.2018 48 просмотров

Supermarkets of one of the largest cities in the UAE recorded a multiple increase in sales of sweets made according to Russian recipes. The honey cake became the sales record holder.

Muslims around the world are now having the holy month of Ramadan . During this period, the demand for sweets traditionally grows. It is noteworthy that this year retail chains in the UAE have witnessed an explosive growth in the popularity of a multi-layer honey-based cake, known in Russia as a honey cake. 

Thousands of cakes are sold in stores every day. According to representatives of Spinneys Dubai, one of the largest supermarkets in the city, more than three thousand honey cakes are sold daily, and their production urgently needed to be increased by 250%. 

According to representatives of Al Maya, another Dubai retail chain, they also noted the extraordinary popularity of these sweets. Buyers willingly buy honey cakes for iftar (breaking the fast after the evening prayer, when Muslims are allowed to eat). 

According to the director of Al Maya Group Kamal Vachani, sales of sweets made according to the Russian recipe have increased recently by a third. Interestingly, following the indigenous population of the UAE, expats tasted the taste of honey cake, giving it more and more preference.

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