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Hindi on the Internet will be more

21.03.2018 112 просмотров

The Government of India has set itself the task of increasing the presence of the Hindi language on the World Wide Web.

The initiative is due to the fact that today the presence of this language on the web is extremely insignificant. This is largely due to the lack of adequate methods for electronic typing of the Devangari alphabet. The most common keyboard in the country is still the English layout. And typing something in Hindi is far from possible on every device, even in India, writes IndiaDaily. 

The problem will be solved in a non-trivial way. A few years ago, a program was developed for government officials to translate any text into Hindi - Memory Adharith Anuvadh Software. The program was created for internal use and was classified, since all official documents of the country's leadership passed through it. The Indian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which developed the program, announced the other day that Memory Adharith Anuvadh Software will be made freely available. 

“Cyberspace today is an important part of the dissemination of knowledge. A significant part of this knowledge is only available in English, which we consider unfair to those who wish to study, learn and communicate in Hindi. Therefore, we have decided to give access to our program to everyone so that they can use it in their own interests, ”says the press service of the Indian Ministry of Internal Affairs IndiaDaily. 

The calculation is simple: if the translation tool becomes publicly available, the content in Hindi will increase on its own through the efforts of those who need it and are interested. 

Free access to the development should be open in August 2018. Until then, the program interface will be improved to improve the usability of the translator.

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