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Head of China Media Corporation Receives IOC President's Sports Trophy

15.02.2022 149 просмотров

The head of the China Media Corporation, Shen Haixiong, received a special award - the trophy of the President of the International Olympic Committee. 

Thus Thomas Bach celebrated the outstanding success in broadcasting the Winter Olympics games in Beijing. He also emphasized this at a meeting with the head of the China Media Corporation, congratulating Shen Haixiong on the record viewing figures of the main sports events of the 4th anniversary. 

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The statistics are really impressive: only for the first 6 days Over 500 million people watched the Olympics competitions. – And this is 15% more than the number of TV viewers of the World Games in Sochi and Pyeongchang combined. By February 11th, China's total TV viewing time for the Olympics had surpassed 2 billion. 

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In October last year, China Media Corporation launched the Olympic TV channel, declaring support for the Olympic movement and the Olympic spirit. And it is the world's first sports channel that broadcasts in high-definition 4K resolution 24 hours a day. It has become more convenient and enjoyable to watch the competition, and it has attracted many viewers. 

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The IOC President's Trophy was a token of appreciation for Shen Haixiong and China Media Corporation for such an unprecedented achievement in broadcasting the Olympic Games . In English, this award is called "The Sky is the Limit", which means unlimited possibilities. Previously, the International Olympic Committee and the China Media Corporation extended the broadcast rights agreement until 2032.

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Back in the 1980s, China Central Television, which is now part of the Media Corporation, broadcast the Olympic games under an agreement with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, and in 2008, the broadcast rights were obtained directly from the International Olympic Committee for the first time.

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