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Happy New Year with good news!

25.12.2020 57 просмотров

General Director of the TV channel "Bolshaya Asia" and the site Alexander Lebedev congratulates viewers and users of the media resource on the New Year.

Dear viewers!

2020 is coming to an end. A difficult year, which brought unexpected trials, numerous problems and incredible hardships of life to all of us. I am personally very worried that the media have significantly increased the amount of negative information. 

Many of our colleagues, having caught the pandemic trend, are trying to keep the audience on a nervous platoon. It's not entirely fair! I want to draw your attention to the fact that in any situation there must be Hope. A person should strive for happiness and believe that everything will be fine!

Yes, in the outgoing year, many families suffered irreparable losses, I want to express to all those affected by covid and who have lost their loved ones huge condolences from myself and our team. But life goes on! This year, children were born, new families were created, houses were built, wheat was earing and birds sang. 

Everything will pass, this terrible time will also pass! 

I want to wish you all so that the outgoing year takes away all sorrows and misunderstandings, and the clink of glasses filled with a golden sparkling drink heralds to all of us the beginning of new, kind, happy days!

We are sure that 2021 will give us the opportunity talk more about  good things and please you, dear viewers and users of our site, with new projects, interesting programs and only good news! 

Health to you and your loved ones! Good luck, faith and love! May there always be faithful and reliable friends! 

Happy New Year!

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