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Hanoi continues to ease covid restrictions

28.09.2021 120 просмотров

The authorities of the Vietnamese capital allowed the resumption of work of shopping centers, as well as outdoor sports

The authorities of the Vietnamese capital continue to ease the regime of social restrictions against the backdrop of favorable developments in the situation in countering the spread of coronavirus infection. Starting Tuesday, after a nearly three-month hiatus, the city authorities allowed shopping malls and outdoor sports to reopen, the Zan Chi newspaper reported. receive visitors to large shopping centers, fashion and cosmetics stores. Residents of the capital are allowed to resume outdoor sports on the condition that they continue to wear masks, keep a safe distance and not gather in groups of more than ten people. restaurants and cafes, as well as the activities of enterprises providing services for the repair of cars, electronics, refrigeration equipment and household appliances. At the same time, mass gatherings, including religious, sports and entertainment events in public places, are still prohibited in the city. Decisions on further lifting of restrictions and the reopening of non-essential services, including spas, massage parlors, cinemas and theaters, gyms and stadiums, will be made depending on the development of the epidemiological situation.

During the fourth wave of coronavirus, which began in Vietnam, at the end of April, 4,202 cases of COVID-19 were reported in Hanoi.

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