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Halal network from Malaysia to appear in Uzbekistan

11.03.2019 181 просмотров

This was reported after negotiations between the Ambassador of the Republic Ravshan Usmanov and the financial director of the fast food company Marrybrown Sdn. bhd. David Leah.

This firm is the largest in Malaysia. It works with about 140 restaurants in the kingdom itself and over 350 catering establishments in 20 countries. This brand is considered one of the most recognizable in the states of Southeast Asia. Thus, the company will be able to play the role of an “anchor business” in attracting tourists to Uzbekistan.

Cambodia and Indonesia may start joint
production of halal products
catering franchise.

The parties agreed to organize a visit of representatives of Marrybrown Sdn. bhd. to Tashkent in April this year for a detailed discussion of cooperation in the restaurant business.

Previously, Big Asia reported that tourists would be told about halal hotels in Turkey. The country will create a guide to hotels that correspond to the way of life of Muslims.

There are rooms for prayer, and in the rooms there are accessories for prayer - the Koran, a rug, a rosary, a direction indicator towards the sacred Kaaba in Mecca.

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