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Mushroom pickers of Naryan-Mar handed over to the Regardie a bag of weapons found in the forest

02.09.2022 Сергей Шарун, пресс-служба Управления Росгвардии по Ненецкому автономному округу 27 просмотров

The news on local television and in the newspaper "Naryana Vynder" helped vigilant citizens to make the right decision.

A 35-year-old resident of the region voluntarily brought a bag with illegal weapons to the employees of the Rosgvardiya, found in a forest during mushroom picking. The vigilant citizen was helped to make the right decision by his wife, who saw on local television and read in the newspaper "Naryana Vinder" news about the program for the surrender of illegally stored weapons in exchange for a monetary reward.

"We were picking mushrooms with my wife. I see a bag lying sprinkled under a tree. Apparently, it has been lying for a long time. I took it out, opened it, and there was a gun. At first they didn't know what to do. We consulted and decided to pass. The gun is made of several halves, of three guns – one gun. Apparently, it has been lying for a long time, rusted. It was still loaded, the casings were inflated. There were homemade stuffed foam in the bag," said the man who discovered the dangerous find.

The object, structurally similar to a smoothbore long-barreled hunting firearm, was sent for forensic examination to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the NAO. The gun will be checked for suitability for the production of a shot. According to the results of the examination, the issue of paying a monetary reward to a vigilant citizen will be resolved.

"I would like to note that in just one week, residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug voluntarily handed over four units of unregistered firearms to us. This is largely due to purposeful preventive work with the population, in which regional mass media actively help us," explained Police Major Dmitry Popov, Senior inspector for special assignments of the TSLRR of the Rosgvardiya Department for the NAO.

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