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Green zone to be removed in Baghdad

10.10.2018 135 просмотров

Such an initiative was made by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Arab country, Adel Abdel Mahdi, TASS reports.

The "Green Zone" is a specially protected quarter in the center of Baghdad, which houses the most important government agencies, offices of major companies and diplomatic missions of foreign states. Its area reaches ten square kilometers.
The day before, Adel Abdel Mahdi appealed to parliamentarians with a request to allow access to the quarter to all citizens of the country.
Investors can invest in
energy Iraq $13 billion
"It is necessary to open a "green zone" for citizens, I call on the parliament to fulfill this task in order to reduce the gap between citizens and authorities," the head of government said.
According to the local news portal Shafak News, earlier the prime minister himself refused to use the residence, which was located within the boundaries of a specially protected area.

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