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Hong Kong lifted quarantine for arrivals from abroad

26.09.2022 ТАСС 73 просмотров

There is still a requirement for vaccination for the entry of foreigners.

Hong Kong on Monday lifted a three-day mandatory quarantine for people arriving from abroad in this special administrative region of China. At the same time, the requirement for vaccination remains for the entry of foreigners, which no longer applies to residents of the city, is explained on the government website.

The previous rule of "three plus four" — three days of mandatory quarantine and four days of self—isolation - was replaced by the formula "zero plus three". This means that during the first three days it is necessary to avoid crowded places, although the self-monitoring and testing regime is designed for a week.

At the same time, the system of quarantine hotels has been abolished. The requirement to take a PCR test 48 hours before departure is also canceled — an express test a day before the flight is enough. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers must take PCR tests, but they are allowed to go to the hotel or home without waiting for its results.

Arrivals are assigned an "orange health code" in a special application on smartphones. This means that for the first time they will not be able to visit a number of establishments, such as bars, restaurants, museums, where they need to scan QR codes at the entrance. At the same time, they will be able to move freely around the city by public transport. It is clarified that this restrictive code can be removed as early as 9:00 am on the third day of stay in case of a negative result of a PCR test taken on the second day.

However, despite the formula called "zero plus three", the self-observation mode, in fact, will last seven days, during which it is required to do daily rapid tests. At the same time, on the fourth and sixth days of stay, it is also prescribed to take PCR tests, as explained in the rules.

On May 1, 2022, the authorities of this special administrative region of China allowed non-residents to enter the city for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, provided that they were vaccinated and quarantined for a week in specialized hotels. Previously, only local residents were allowed to enter, and the quarantine regime reached 21 days. On August 12, the quarantine period was reduced to three days, while four more days were set aside for self-isolation. In recent days, the epidemic situation in Hong Kong has stabilized: on Sunday, the number of daily cases of covid decreased to less than four thousand, decreasing by 25% per day.

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