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The Main Military Clinical Hospital of Rosgvardiya celebrates its 75th anniversary

20.02.2023 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 124 просмотров

The Main Military Clinical Hospital of the National Guard of the Russian Federation has celebrated its 75th anniversary since its foundation Federation. 

Founded as a military infirmary of the famous division of F.E. Dzerzhinsky, the medical institution eventually turned into a modern military hospital, which employs more than 1,000 specialists, including 23 honored doctors and 11 honored healthcare workers of the Russian Federation.

Today, the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation is a multidisciplinary medical and preventive, scientific and methodological healthcare institution, which includes 4 specialized centers, more than 40 medical and diagnostic departments, and a special–purpose medical detachment.

In the hospital, patients with various diseases of internal organs, combat injuries and pathologies are returned to service. Within the walls of the institution, unique methods of treatment, diagnosis of wounds and diseases have been developed and implemented, which was greatly facilitated by practical experience gained in extreme combat situations.


On the basis of the hospital there is an intensive care center, anesthesiology and resuscitation, which is equipped with high-tech modern equipment. This allows the doctors of Rosgvardiya to carry out the most complex operations, including patients with heart wounds.

So, in October last year, a team of specialists from the cardiac surgery department of the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Russian Guard carried out a complex operation to remove a five-millimeter fragment of a mine from the heart of a serviceman wounded during a special military operation.

In recent years, the hospital has become a base for international medical conferences of various levels, clinical bases of 5 departments of leading medical universities of the country have been opened.


More than 1,200 patients can be treated at the facility at the same time. Over the past 6 years alone, the hospital's doctors have cured more than 80 thousand people.

The main hospital of the Russian Guard has a glorious combat biography. The staff of the medical institution proved its effectiveness during the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, the earthquake in Armenia, in the hot spots of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.


The heroic chronicle of the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the National Guard Troops continues to be updated with new stories today – more than 98 percent of the patients of the medical institution participating in a special military operation are effectively recovering from injury and returning to service in a short time.

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