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Georgia to allow entry of Russians with a negative test for COVID-19

01.03.2021 88 просмотров

The Georgian authorities allowed Russians with a negative coronavirus test to enter the country.

Citizens of Russia, as well as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, can enter Georgia from Monday if they have a certificate with a negative test result for coronavirus. The decision was made by the Interdepartmental Coordinating Council for Combating Coronavirus under the Prime Minister of the Republic.

From February 1, Russians could enter Georgia only if they had a certificate of completion of a full course of vaccination. At the same time, a list of countries was approved whose citizens, in the absence of vaccination, could enter the republic by presenting a certificate of a negative test result for coronavirus at the border. These included Bahrain, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Turkey, Switzerland and the EU countries.

Later, due to the favorable epidemic situation that has been observed in Georgia since the end of January, a list of countries whose citizens vaccinations can get into the republic, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine added.

We are talking about the entry of foreigners into Georgia only by air. Land border crossings with neighboring countries remain closed to international travellers. Due to the lack of regular flights between Georgia and Russia, which was interrupted in July 2019 due to anti-Russian rallies in Tbilisi, Russians will be able to get to the republic by transit flights through third countries.

As part of the lifting of quarantine restrictions imposed since November 2020, he allowed restaurants in the Adjara Autonomous Region to receive guests in the halls. Since March, kindergartens, laboratories of higher educational institutions will resume their work throughout the country, trainings and seminars can be held again, museums and libraries have opened.

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