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Georgia hosts joint naval exercises with NATO ships

19.03.2021 148 просмотров

Ships of Georgia and NATO conducted joint exercises in the Black Sea.

The ships of the second standing maritime division of NATO (SNMG2) conducted exercises in the Black Sea with the vessels of the coast guard of Georgia. This was reported on Friday by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic.

“The ships of the coast guard of the border police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Island class - Dioskuria and Ochamchira, as well as ships of the second permanent naval unit took part in the joint maritime maneuvers NATO Regina Maria ("Regina Maria") (Romania), Kemalreis ("Kemal-reis") (Turkey) and Smeli ("Smeli") (Bulgaria). The purpose of the exercises is to increase the level of compatibility of the naval units of Georgia and members of the alliance,” the message says.

The joint exercises were held taking into account all the recommendations and precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also notes that the visit of NATO ships amid the pandemic speaks of strong support from the alliance.

NATO ships entered the territorial waters of Georgia on March 15. They have already left the country. Prior to this, a NATO ship entered the waters of Georgia in February - the US destroyer Donald Cook was in Batumi for exercises. ("Donald Cook").

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