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General Director of TV channel "Big Asia" was awarded "For contribution to the development of the media industry"

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The National Award "Media Manager of Russia" for 21 years has become the most authoritative and significant Award in the media business, advertising and communications. 

This is an industry award given once a year to top managers in the media, advertising and PR industry who have demonstrated professionalism and excellence in their field of activity.

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The symbol of the Prize is a seagull hovering over a wave. The nomination "For contribution to the development of the industry" is one of the most significant.

The expert council and the jury evaluate not only the achievements and merits, but also the current work of the nominees. Rewarding Alexander Lebedev is a high appreciation of colleagues "in the shop" not only for his personal activities, but also for the significance of the project "Greater Asia", which he has been managing for more than four years. The team led by Alexander Lebedev is confidently developing a positive Asian vector in the Russian media space, building stable communications with colleagues in Asian countries, and successfully implementing the most important political trend of the day - a pivot to the East.

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Alexander Lebedev was awarded "For the creation of the Zvezda TV channel, the Zvezda-FM radio station, the Big Asia media group and the development of socially significant media projects." Colleagues highly appreciated the merits of Captain 1st Rank Alexander Alekseevich Lebedev, which he methodically invested in the industry “brick by brick” for 25 years, creating information and ideological tools of media influence on wide audience arrays. Today, unfortunately, there are few media leaders left in the industry who can create classic formats of positive content, who know how to correctly form the agenda of a TV channel. This was discussed on the sidelines of the Award by people who determine the basic trends of the industry…

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Among the awardees this year there were many significant and profound people: General Director of the TASS Agency Sergey Mikhailov and a talented presenter and producer Andrey Malakhov, general director of NTV Aleksey Zemsky and director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War Alexander Shkolnik, who, having vast experience in the media and today develops new media projects.

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TV channel "Bolshaya Asia" and the site congratulate the media managers of 2021, who were awarded the Prize. We wish everyone good health, good luck and new achievements.

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