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Frosty ghosts took to the streets of Yakutia

29.01.2020 138 просмотров

Mysticism lies in the severe frosts that keep in the region these days.

Thus, Galina Davydova, a resident of the Tattinsky ulus, took a series of photographs with frozen clothes.

According to the woman, the air temperature in Oymyakon drops to -60C°. And now the thermometers show -55C °. In such a cold, not only the fog stands, but also the trousers that were hung on the ropes after washing. In addition, Galina decided not just to take photos, but to tell a whole story. She symbolically called the dress “the bride”, and the pants with suspenders the “groom”. The plot was appreciated by users on social networks.

According to the idea of Galina Davydova, the hostess, played by a neighbor, sent the clothes to dry in the cold. And the "couple" came to life and decided to run away. I had to return the “lovers back.” 

Thanks to the footage that the woman published on social networks, Galina Davydova became an Internet celebrity. Subscribers appreciated the sense of humor of the author of the photos, but noted that such a result can be achieved even with less frost.

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