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Foreigners do not want to leave China in trouble

05.03.2020 55 просмотров

There are still numerous foreign nationals in China who voluntarily refused to be evacuated.

In Wuhan, Hubei Province , the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, is still inhabited by foreigners who refused to leave the city and return to their countries of origin. Many of them are attached to work, friends, or simply fell in love with China during their studies. Some people think that Wuhan is their home and that it is not right to flee from one's home.

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"I came to Wuhan 5 years ago and during my life here I fell in love with the city and made friends," says a student from Algeria. "We even travel together sometimes. In general, what they say about us is not true. It's not like that! We have enough food, no one goes hungry, life goes on. Everything is fine!"

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"I have lived and will live here," says an Italian citizen , a zoologist named Sara "Wuhan has been my home for 8 years. Many Chinese people were very touched when they found out that my son and I did not want to leave. They consider it a sign of trust in them and solidarity with China. By the way, m My decision to stay affected many of my friends who, looking at me, decided not to leave either."

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Official Beijing highly appreciated the heartfelt personal attitude of numerous foreign experts who decided not to run away from the epidemic, but to survive it together with the Chinese people. Hubei provincial authorities have even set up a special 24-hour telephone hotline for foreign nationals living in China.

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