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Foreign journalists in Beijing can get vaccinated against COVID-19

17.03.2021 30 просмотров

The Chinese Foreign Ministry invited foreign journalists in Beijing to get vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has invited foreign journalists based in Beijing, as well as their family members, to get vaccinated against the coronavirus with a vaccine developed by Sinopharm. This is stated in a document received on Wednesday by TASS from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“Dear foreign journalists based in Beijing. An inactivated vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 developed by the National Biotec Group (National Biotech Group), a division of Sinopharm, has received conditional approval from the State Committee for the Control of Drugs of the People's Republic of China, ”the document says. "In order to facilitate and facilitate the life and work of foreign journalists based in Beijing, the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China will provide vaccination assistance to foreign journalists in Beijing (including accompanying family members)," the statement said.

indicated in the document, vaccination will begin on March 23 and will be carried out on a voluntary basis. Vaccination is available to persons aged 18 to 59.

The statement emphasizes that journalists will bear the costs and risks associated with vaccination. The cost of one dose will be 90 yuan (about $13.85), the interval between injections is at least 21 days. The document states that it is not recommended to vaccinate with other brands of coronavirus vaccines for six months after vaccination. However, no vaccine can be 100% effective. Therefore, the vaccinated will continue to comply with all measures to prevent and control the spread of the disease, take personal protective measures, in particular, wear masks, wash hands frequently, maintain social distance, and reduce participation in mass events, ”the document says.

The announcement did not specify whether the COVID-19 vaccination would allow people to leave China and return to the country freely. Currently, when leaving the PRC, a valid visa is automatically canceled, and the issuance of new visas is limited. In addition, strict measures are in place when entering China: all visitors must undergo quarantine for 14 days at specialized centers and another week at home.

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