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For those vaccinated with the Indian Covishield vaccine, Japan will ease entry requirements

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As part of the easing of restrictions, the authorities of the country also recognize vaccination certificates issued in the territory of about 50 countries and regions, Russia is not mentioned in this list.

The Japanese government will ease entry requirements for those vaccinated with the Covishield coronavirus vaccine produced in India, a local localization of the drug from the British-Swedish AstraZeneca. This was announced on Friday by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For people who have been fully vaccinated with this drug, the quarantine period will be not 14, but 10 days. The measures will come into force on 12 October. Similar exemptions apply to vaccines vaccinated by the American-German consortium of Pfizer and BioNTech, the American company Moderna and AstraZeneca itself. 50 countries and regions. These include Belarus, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, Lebanon, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Turkey, France. Russia is not on this list. From October 12, Switzerland, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Maldives will be added to it.

For all other arrivals, quarantine is still 14 days. At the same time, those who arrive from a number of countries in South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, are forced to spend the first six days of this period in special quarantine hotels. For Ecuador, Chile and the Dominican Republic, this period is three days.

Since December 28 last year, Japan introduced a de facto ban on issuing new visas to citizens of all states and regions of the world due to the spread of coronavirus strains. Currently, only Japanese and foreigners with permanent residence and long-term visas can enter the country.

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