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Flying cars will be in Japan by 2025

10.07.2021 191 просмотров

Japan plans to start commercial use of flying cars by 2025.

Japan Airlines, Japan's largest carrier, plans to begin commercial use of flying cars by 2025. The Nikkei business newspaper reported this on Saturday.

It is noted that the first stage of the plan is to launch a passenger transportation service between the airport and tourist sites in Mie Prefecture. According to the publication, the country's second-largest air carrier, All Nippon Airways Corporation, is also exploring the possibility of creating a similar service by 2025.

Japan is already testing such machines, but the lack of clear government regulations hinders their development and repels large investors . This year, the Japanese authorities have intensified the development of a schedule and procedure for operating flying cars in order to start using them for the delivery of goods to remote islands from 2023, and from 2025 to start transporting passengers, including passengers, in the main territory of the country.

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