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Flowers were laid at the monument to Ivan Panfilov in the capital of Kazakhstan

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In the capital of Kazakhstan, a flower-laying ceremony was held at the monument to Ivan Panfilov.

flower-laying ceremony at the monument to Major General Ivan Panfilov took place on Wednesday in the Kazakh capital. According to the press service of the Russian Embassy in Kazakhstan, the event was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Panfilov division.

The action was organized by the Kazakh public association Atamnyn Amanaty (“Testament of the Ancestors”) and the All-Russian public movement “Volunteers of Victory”. “80 years ago, military units and subunits were formed on the territory of Kazakhstan, which participated in the battles with honor and managed to defeat fascism at the cost of their lives. One of the legendary military formations, the formation of which we pay tribute to, is the 316th Rifle Division, which is popularly called the “Panfilovskaya”. This division managed to defend Moscow in the fall of 1941 and in the winter of 1942,” said the chairman of Atamnyn Amanaty Murat Moldagaliev, quoted by the press service.

issues of defense of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kazakhstan, members of the organizations "Volunteers of Victory" and Atamnyn Amanaty. “The event dedicated to the memory of the heroes of Kazakhstan, who defended Moscow from the Nazi hordes in the winter of 1941, became a clear evidence of fraternal friendship between Russia and Kazakhstan, between the Russian and Kazakh peoples,” the Russian diplomatic mission emphasized.


The memorial to the Panfilov soldiers in the Kazakh capital was opened in May 2015 by the country's first president Nursultan Nazarbayev. In the center of the composition is a bronze monument to Panfilov 2.5 meters high. Nearby there is a slab for laying flowers and 28 steles with the image of the Gold Star medal, on which the names and years of life of the Panfilovites are indicated. 1941, in which 28 Soviet soldiers from the 316th Infantry Division, formed from residents of the cities of Alma-Ata and Frunze (the name of Bishkek in Soviet times), under the command of Major General Panfilov, stopped the advance of the superior tank forces of the German army. This battle went down in history as "the feat of 28 Panfilov heroes."

The Battle of Moscow, which took place in the autumn and winter of 1941, became one of the decisive battles of the Great Patriotic War. During it, the Red Army repulsed an attempt by the Nazi troops to capture the capital and went on the counteroffensive.

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