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Firefighters prepare for spring snowmelt

27.02.2021 82 просмотров

EMERCOM of Russia began preparations for the spring flood.

Specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia have begun preparations for the spring flood, taking into account the factors influencing the development of the flood situation. This was reported to TASS in the press service of the department in response to a relevant request from the agency.

“The Russian Emergencies Ministry is implementing a system of preventive measures aimed at reducing the consequences of a flood-prone period. Work is underway to create systems of bank protection structures, as well as training forces and means to eliminate the consequences of emergency situations,” the source said. moisture content and depth of soil freezing, accumulation of water in snow cover in river basins, as well as ice thickness on rivers. “With this in mind, the Russian Emergencies Ministry has identified regions that require special attention,” the press service noted. Urals, the Volga region and the North-Western part of the country. At the same time, the use of unmanned aerial systems provides enormous opportunities for this. With their help, the sources and causes of the complication of the situation are quickly identified, as well as orthophotomaps are built, 3D terrain models are developed.

Last year, the flood affected 64 out of 85 regions, which is 19% more than a year earlier. At the same time, thanks to the timely response of the department, the number of flooded residential buildings, household plots, bridges and roads was reduced by more than 40%.

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