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Filipino bitten by a crocodile on the paw

04.02.2019 185 просмотров

And thus saved his son, who fell into the mouth of a predator

On the Philippine island of Balabak (Palawan province), a 12-year-old boy was swimming in a river when a crocodile grabbed his arm and pulled him to the bottom. His father, armed with a stick, rushed to help the child. The man ran almost 100 meters and dived into the river.

500 Indians were led to the last
path of the good  crocodile

“There was so much adrenaline in my body that I didn't have time to think. I hit the crocodile, but he didn't let go of my boy. I continued to fight the creature while it looked me straight in the eyes,” said the hero, whose words are quoted by the Manila Bulletin newspaper. . Either from pain, or from surprise, but the crocodile unclenched its jaws, and the man managed to pull his son ashore. 

Fortunately, the crocodile's jaw did not inflict serious wounds on him, his life and health are out of danger. Although the memory, of course, will remain a few scars.

Nothing is reported about the condition of the crocodile.

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