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The Federal forum "Productivity 360" will be held on October 14 in Sochi

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The participants of the event will exchange the best practices of improving business efficiency, as well as the awarding of the most productive enterprises of the national project "Labor Productivity" will take place within the framework of the forum.

The IV Federal Forum "Productivity 360", whose participants will exchange best practices for improving business efficiency and the results of the implementation of a specialized national project, will be held in Sochi on October 14. This was reported on Wednesday in the press service of the Federal Center for Competencies in the Field of Labor Productivity (FCC).

"Import substitution and saturation of the market is impossible without a modern production culture. Its creation is the task of the national project "Labor Productivity". The government has given the regions the opportunity to include companies in the national project without restriction by industry. This will allow us to accelerate import substitution and improve entire production chains. The forum is an opportunity to get acquainted with the menu of the national project and see real examples of the work of experts," the Deputy Minister of Economic Development said.Murat Kerefov.

In turn, the General Director of the FCCNikolay Solomon added that the national project has become a truly effective tool for the growth of the Russian economy. "Every day, more than 800 experts on improving the efficiency of business processes help Russian companies to increase production, improve its quality and occupy vacant product niches. Our expertise is in demand among 4 thousand companies with a total revenue of more than 10.5 trillion rubles," he notedNikolai Solomon.

The press service of the FCC clarified that the Krasnodar Territory received the opportunity to organize the event, becoming the leader of the rating of regions in terms of labor productivity. In 2021, it was compiled for the first time by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation as part of a national project overseen by the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian FederationAndrey Belousov. "We are expecting representatives from all over the country at the forum, we are working on an interesting program in which we will share the results of the introduction of lean technologies in production as a region leader in the rating. It is important that we will be able to exchange experience with colleagues from other regions, discuss the best solutions for business development not only in our regions, but also throughout the country," said the First Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory.Igor Gal.

The organizers of the IV Federal Forum "Productivity 360" are the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the FCC with the support of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory. Traditionally, the award ceremony of the most productive enterprises of the national project "Labor Productivity" will be held within the framework of the event. The central platform of the forum will be the Radisson Blue Congress Center.

The national project "Labor Productivity" is designed to create conditions for an annual increase in labor productivity in the country by 5%. A set of measures has been developed to help businesses, including financial incentives and expert advice on the work of enterprises. National projects initiated by the President of the Russian FederationVladimir Putin, launched in 2019.

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