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Farmers flee their homes in Bangladesh due to rising waters

25.07.2020 55 просмотров

In Bangladesh, seasonal rains flooded numerous villages and forced residents to urgently evacuate.

In Bangladesh, the population is struggling with flooding caused by relentless monsoon rains that flood both the country and the neighboring Indian state of Assam.

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Residents of villages located a hundred kilometers from the capital Dhaka tried to save the buildings by erecting a temporary dam from bags with sand. However, the high water came so quickly that the construction was not completed. The hastily erected dam succumbed to the elements.

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"Our houses were flooded and most of the villagers can no longer stay in them," said Hamza Havladar, a village resident. "I had to move my whole family to another house, to my to relatives. The water washed away the roads passing through the village."

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The government is urgently developing a program to help affected farmers. We are talking about the construction of reception centers for displaced persons.

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"The situation remains very serious - it is impossible to live in our houses now," complained local resident Ivi Nahar. "So if shelters are built, poor people are ready to move there."

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It should be noted that the people of Bangladesh met the natural disaster with their usual calm stoicism. By the end of July, despite significant property damage to home and farmland owners, no major damage or casualties had been avoided.

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