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Expedition from China conquered the summit of Everest

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Watch the news program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 124):
  • Ninth survivor found in a collapsed building in Hunan Province
  • < li> Expedition from China conquered the summit of Everest
  • 15 Amur tiger cubs were born in central China

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A ninth found in a collapsed building in Hunan Survivor

On the fourth day after the collapse of a building in the capital of Hunan province, a ninth survivor was rescued from the rubble. Rescuers said the woman knocked on various objects to be heard.


Huang Jiatong, Deputy Head of the Wangcheng Fire and Rescue Team:

“We asked who else was trapped with her and told her to knock once if she was alone. We also asked her to knock a few times to get her room number. The knock was clearly audible, so we quickly became convinced that there was a person under the rubble.”


After making sure that the woman was not crushed by the fallen debris, the rescuers sent a tube with a solution of nutrients to her . Throughout the whole time, the survivor and the participants of the operation exchanged words of encouragement.


Zhang Jincheng, Wangcheng Fire Rescue Squad:

“When I shone the spotlight through the crack, I asked if she could see the light. She said yes. Then I switched the flashlight to strobe mode and she asked why the light was flickering. At that moment, I realized that she must be very close. I was very worried and continued to dig and dig in order to quickly open the passage. Every word she said filled me with strength. My only thought was that I should definitely get it out." 


Now the miraculously surviving woman is in the hospital. Meanwhile, rescuers continue to dismantle the rubble. Their work is complicated by the peculiar form of the structure and the nature of the destruction, in which many columns, beams and slabs suddenly collapsed. In addition, the rest of the building was damaged. But despite numerous problems, rescuers are in a hurry to find survivors.


Han Wendong, Deputy Head of the Search and Rescue Team:
< br> “We try to work in silence and use radar, audio and video equipment, and search dogs to find people trapped. We are racing against time to save lives."


An eight-story building covering about 700 square meters in Wancheng District in the capital of Hunan Province collapsed on April 29 around noon Beijing time. At least 39 people are considered missing.

Chinese expedition summits Mount Everest 

13 members of a Chinese scientific expedition reached the summit of Mount Chomolungma . Everest met the climbers with good weather.


One of the team's tasks is to collect ice and snow samples. Sample analysis will help to find out how the temperature at the highest point on the planet has changed over the past 1-2 decades. In addition, scientists will be able to identify pollutants and understand what biological and chemical processes affect the environment at extreme altitudes. 


samples. It took 4 years to develop the equipment for sampling under low nitrogen oxide conditions. 

Zhang Zhongyi, junior research fellow, China University of Science and Technology:

"Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, nitric oxide in the air produces hydroxyl radicals that break down greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon monoxide."


> The second mission of the expedition members is to find out the thickness of snow and ice on top of the world. With the help of high-precision glacial radar, scientists took measurements every half a meter on the way to the peak of Everest. The data obtained will help to get an idea of how glaciers change over time.


Well, the main task of the team is to install an automatic weather station at an altitude of 8830 meters. It is located 400 meters higher than the one set by British and American scientists in 2019, and this is a new world record. The Chinese station will complement the complex of seven previously installed at lower heights of Everest. All of them will collect data on wind speed and direction, as well as relative humidity on the north side of the mountain. This will help track the melting of glaciers and snow at high altitudes.


The current expedition to Mount Qomolangma is the largest since the beginning of China's exploration of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which started in 2017. 
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15 Amur tiger cubs born in central China

In honor of Labor Day, the Puyang Zoo showed visitors its smallest inhabitants, newborn tiger cubs. 15 Amur tiger cubs were born from different mothers in a record two weeks. Now the babies can only be seen from a distance, but tourists are happy about this.


“Once I saw adult tigers, and when I found out that there were cubs in the Meizhuang Zoo, I immediately wanted to see them , - said one of the zoo visitors. "I didn't expect them to be so cute!"


All parents of peanuts are purebred Amur tigers, and they sit on a high-quality protein diet.

KP-124-27.jpg< br>
Mei Lugan, zookeeper:

“All 15 cubs are breastfed. We give their mothers 7.5 kilograms of pork daily to their mothers in addition to beef and mutton so that the cubs are well fed and healthy.”

KP-124 -21.jpg

the number of Amur tigers bred at the zoo has reached 100.



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