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Evenks of the Amur region are trying to preserve the national language

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Gradually, the Evenk reindeer herders "come out" of the Amur taiga: they change from sledges to modern equipment, communicate more in Russian with each other. The language of their ancestors, culture, traditions begin to be forgotten over time. At the same time, the Evenks are trying to keep their identity and language alive.

The 36-year-old Yulia Shcherbakova, the teacher of the Zvezdochka kindergarten, is the daughter of a Russian and an Evenk. Evenki knows badly - it was not accepted in the family to speak the national language of the peoples of the North.

"When my mother admired me and my sisters, she always said in Evenki "Aya!" "," nice ", and if something was dropped, broken, upset her -" Odya! "We didn’t know more Evenki words," says Yulia, noting that she uttered the first words in her native language several years ago together with with her five-year-old pupils in the classroom.

Having received a school education, Shcherbakova unlearned as a tailor and returned to her native village, but she could not get a job by profession - she went to work as a teacher in a kindergarten. This is the only kindergarten where, in parallel with the Russian standard, children are taught according to the program of the national language and culture.

"With children, we learn counting, words that are necessary in everyday life," the girl explained.

Program , according to which the pupils of "Zvezdochka" are taught, was developed by the head of the preschool institution, the indigenous Evenk Elena Timofeeva in 2008 and recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Amur Region for use in other Evenk kindergartens. 

kindergarten "linguistic nest" for the preservation of the Evenki language. We are developing methodological support - a phrasebook of the basic level of the Evenki language, so that the team mastered it and at some points abandoned Russian and spoke Evenki, "said Olga Morozova, head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Amur State University .

Today, linguists are developing a phrase book of the Evenki language, which will include swear words basic level serials. The dictionary is planned to be published by the summer of this year.

Experts note that the interest in learning their native language among Evenks is growing. "In 2016, we conducted a survey in all Evenki villages of the Amur Region and concluded that parents want their children to learn the language. There are those who are categorically against it, but this is rather an exception," Morozova said.

To draw attention to the problem of preserving the national language, this year it was decided to open a summer linguistic camp for young Evenks in the Amur Region for the first time. Teenagers from the village of Ivanovskoye at the age of 12-14 will be able to learn the national language, perhaps their peers from other Evenki villages in the region will come. During the shift, the guys will live in nature in tents, about 20 km from the village. The main teacher of the national language will be Klavdiya Makarova, Deputy Director of the Arktika Experimental School, Merited Teacher of Russia from Yakutia. .jpg" alt="The Evenks of the Amur Region are trying to preserve the national language 1.jpg" src="/upload/medialibrary/c32/c3235f6a93968e27f6ca0c8a2db16dab.jpg">

Photo: Ekaterina Kiseleva​/TASS

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