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Employees of the medical detachment at the Khmeimim airbase will spend March 8 at work

05.03.2021 67 просмотров

Women doctors at the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria will meet March 8 on duty.

Employees of the Special Purpose Medical Unit (MOSN), stationed at the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Syria, will celebrate International Women's Day on duty along with men and will receive congratulations at their workplaces. Military doctors and nurses plan to have a rest after the end of their business trips, the chief nurse of the MOSN Oksana Godunko told reporters.

“We are not afraid to meet March 8 at work. We are used to it, we are ready, after all, in the Armed Forces. All my girls are ready to work both on holidays and on weekdays with a cheerful mood. Colleagues will congratulate us, it is doubly pleasant when you are on a business trip,” said Oksana Godunko.

Oksana Godunko has been serving in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation since 1995, she already had to celebrate International Women's Day on a business trip during the second Chechen war. Congratulations from her husband and son, who are waiting at home, she will accept by phone. Oksana's subordinates note that celebrating the holiday at the workplace, away from home, has its own charm.

“On March 8, every man you meet, whether he knows you or not, will congratulate you and make compliments. It is always a pleasure for a woman to hear that she is beautiful, that she is noticed, ”a nurse from the MOSN Nadezhda Klass explained to reporters.

In turn, male doctors promise to prepare the most memorable congratulations for colleagues, despite to the strict rules set at the air base. “The male team of the medical service gathered and discussed. There were heated debates on how to organize this event in the context of performing special tasks. A wonderful table will be organized, the warmest words will be said, ”said Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Berezin, head of the medical service of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, in an interview with reporters.

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