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Emperor Akihito celebrates his 85th birthday

24.12.2018 164 просмотров

This year, a record number of subjects came to congratulate the monarch. On December 23, more than 80,000 people gathered near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

This form of congratulations appeared in Japan during the reign of Father Akihito Emperor Hirohito. It was during his time on the throne (1926-1989) that the Japanese began to come to the special district of Chiyoda, where the imperial palace is located, to express their best wishes to the monarch. 

The Japanese coming to the imperial palace to congratulate the monarch did not dry out, TASS clarifies. The peculiarity of this anniversary is that it is the last birthday of Akihito on the imperial throne. April next year After the abdication of his father, Crown Prince Naruhito will ascend the throne. 
The throne was delivered to Tokyo
for the new emperor

The emperor was very touched by such attention of his subjects. Following an ancient tradition, Akihito, together with his wife Michiko, appeared before the people three times on the glazed balcony of one of the buildings of the imperial complex. 

In his address to the Japanese, the monarch wrote: you have come to congratulate me so warmly.” “I pray for your health and your happiness,” Akihito TASS quotes.

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