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Emomali Rahmon banned himself from being shown on TV

27.02.2019 71 просмотров

The President of Tajikistan said that instead of laudatory videos addressed to the head of state, programs about the working people and the achievements of the country should appear.

The leader of the republic instructed the heads of state television channels and radio stations to create analytical programs discussing geopolitical problems and their impact on Tajikistan.

Emomali Rahmon planted
apple trees
In addition, to improve the quality of TV and radio , material and technical base and training of qualified personnel will develop a program for the development of broadcasting.

According to Emomali Rahmon, all programs in the state media must be prepared taking into account national interests, observing the norms of the Tajik literary language.

Recall that now portraits of the head of state hang in every state institution and along roads. His books can be found on the shelves in all bookstores of the republic. Rahmon, who has been president of Tajikistan since 1994, takes an active part in all significant events in the country, bears the title "Leader of the Nation".

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