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Electric cars in India will get their own license plates

12.05.2018 107 просмотров

The Ministry of Transport of the country is currently developing a bill that provides for the issuance of license plates of certain colors to owners of electric vehicles.

In India, there are several colors of license plates for vehicles (Vehicles). For ordinary car owners, these are traditional white numbers with black numbers. Buses, trucks and commercial vehicles use yellow plates with black letters. Representatives of foreign diplomatic missions drive cars with blue license plates and white numbers on them. 

Despite the apparent complexity, such a system allows you to very quickly identify the ownership of the vehicle and determine the list of permits and benefits that rely on its owner: entrance to the city center, the right to free parking or priority in its provision. 

It is planned to introduce numbers with a green background for electric vehicles. The differences will be in the color of the font: for ordinary car owners it will be white, for commercial vehicles it will be yellow. 
a scheme of numbers for electric vehicles and a list of those who are entitled to receive them.

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