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Ekaterinburg and Alma-Ata will be connected by a direct flight

16.10.2019 87 просмотров

The first flight from Koltsovo airport to the largest city of Kazakhstan will take place on December 22.

Ural Airlines will operate flights twice a week. In particular, planes will depart from Koltsov on Fridays and Sundays, and from Alma-Ata on Mondays and Saturdays. The journey will take almost three hours.

Anniversary of flights to Kazakhstan
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Now liners daily flights from the Ural city to Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. There were no direct flights from Yekaterinburg to Alma-Ata before.

Ural Airlines is one of the largest Russian air carriers. Last year, the company carried more than 9 million passengers. 

Alma-Ata is popular with tourists due to its nature. Travelers come to the metropolis in order to enjoy the mountain scenery. 

Thus, the Medeo sports complex attracts in winter with the opportunity to go skating and get to the Chimbulak ski resort.  

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