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Egypt launches locally produced Sinovac vaccine

24.08.2021 42 просмотров

Egypt has produced 15 million doses of the Chinese vaccine Sinovac.

The Egyptian authorities announced on Monday the start of using a locally produced Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac vaccine to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus. press conference in Cairo Minister of Health and Population of the Arab Republic Hala Zaid. Egypt will produce between 15 million and 18.5 million doses of the vaccine every month, she said, to reach around 80 million doses by the end of the year "to meet the needs of the domestic market as well as Africa." “From August 24, all citizens will be able to get vaccinated with this vaccine free of charge,” she said.

The Minister said that before the start of the academic year, which in Egypt begins in late September - early October, the authorities intend to vaccinate more than 3.2 million teachers and university students, as well as 2 million teachers in schools. "Vaccination of school staff should be completed in September," added Hala Zayed.

In order to reach more people, authorities are increasing the number of vaccination centers across the country to 657, including 512 for citizens and 145 - for those traveling abroad for study, work and treatment. “It is allowed to vaccinate citizens under the age of 18 who travel abroad for study or treatment,” the minister explained. Earlier in May and June, the vaccination of workers in the tourism sector, primarily those employed in resorts, was completed.

Currently, the use of vaccines from Sinovak, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Sputnik V is approved in Egypt.< br>
At the moment, the level of infection with the new coronavirus in Egypt does not exceed 175-185 cases per day with a death rate of 7-9 people. As the minister noted, “since last week there has been a slight increase in infection rates with a marked decrease in mortality rates.” On the other hand, according to the adviser to the President of Egypt on health Mohammed Tag al-Din , the country is on the verge of the fourth wave of the pandemic "given the increase in the number of infections." He noted at the same time that in the vast majority of recorded cases are "mild or moderate severity of the disease."

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