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Dubai restaurant feeds people for free

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"This is a gift from Allah" is written on the windows of a chain of Arabic restaurants.

Jordanian-born Fadi Ayad, who owns Foul W Hummus, said his message is simple: no one should go hungry - especially hard workers and job seekers.

gastronomic season has opened in Hainan
According to Fadi, this is not a publicity stunt. People just need to feel welcome. Those without money can go to a restaurant and choose their own food - hummus, falafel, sandwiches and other dishes. There is no need to pay for water, tea and coffee.

The owner of the chain notes that Foul W Hummus feeds up to 35 people for free every day. People come to the restaurant for food seven days a week from 7 am to 3 am.

“People of different nationalities come to our restaurant - Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Europeans. We even had a regular visitor from Australia who came here every day to eat for free for almost a year. We knew that she had problems and never charged her for food, ”said & nbsp; Fadi.

The restaurateur, who came to Dubai in 1999, says his charitable work pays tribute to the locals. "The leadership of this country teaches us tolerance and generosity," he added. 

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