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Dubai drivers to be rewarded for accuracy

01.07.2019 175 просмотров

Motorists who did not commit a single violation last year will receive a car.

The emirate's police have already calculated that there were 87,500 such people in 2018. This is more than a year ago. 

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Law enforcement officers have already awarded about 4 thousand motorists, two of them were given vehicles. The head of the Federal Road Traffic Council, Mohammed Saif al-Zafine, said the white tag system, which is designed to reward careful drivers, is becoming more effective. 

"The number of winners is growing every year," he added. . It is noted that any eligible motorist can earn a total of 24 white tags per year - two each month. 

recorded at least one traffic violation. Owners of 24 tags are eligible to participate in the prize draw.

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