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Dubai auto offenders to be forgiven fines

06.02.2019 45 просмотров

A new progressive scale of discounts was announced by the police of the emirate.

The driver, who will drive all year according to the rules of the road, is waiting for the complete removal of the fine. The initiative was timed to coincide with the Year of Tolerance.

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In addition, a 25% discount on the amount of monetary punishment is promised to those who do not violate traffic rules for three months. For six months of correct driving, 50% will already be “knocked off”, and in nine months - 75%. Cancellation of the fine in the absence of violations within a year.

Note that the discounts will only apply to penalties imposed by the Dubai Police. Companies that rent cars, business vehicles and drivers who are outside the UAE for more than three months will not be able to participate in the promotion. No discount will be given for incorrect parking.

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