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Drones detect traffic violations in China

02.08.2018 251 просмотров

The Shandong Provincial Police Department uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to enforce traffic regulations.

The Office was allocated 4 such devices, and all of them are equipped with high-definition video cameras. They are mainly used in areas where, for a number of reasons, the operation of stationary video surveillance installations is impossible. 

Drones equipped with artificial intelligence elements are capable of detecting speeding, marking violations, running red lights, and even the use of mobile phones. phones while driving. When a violation is registered, high-definition video recording is made. This subsequently strengthens the evidence base if the case goes to trial. 

Drones have been in use for four months, according to the police department in Jinan City, the provincial capital. During this time, they flew more than 200 hours, and at the same time there was not a single incident. 

Only the weather can change the duty schedule of devices. The device of drones does not allow them to observe in rain and thunderstorms, so on such days the UAVs remain on the ground.

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