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Drivers are against installing cameras in Yerevan buses

07.03.2019 70 просмотров

The initiative is carried out by the city administration as part of a large-scale reform of the transport sector.

The administration of the Armenian capital notes that the installation of video cameras in buses and fixed-route taxis will help strengthen control over financial flows, as well as more accurately determine the volume of passenger traffic, reports Sputnik-Armenia. The initiative is part of the urban transport reform being carried out by the Yerevan Municipality. 
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hundreds of drivers went on strike to protest the installation of video recording systems in vehicles. The protesters noted that this could become a source of increased psychological tension for drivers. 

At the same time, according to the Deputy Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan, "the mayor's office sees no problem" in installing video recording systems in vehicles. Cameras do not record sound and are installed to monitor compliance with labor discipline. The management of the carriers will be able to find out whether the driver is talking on the phone while driving, whether he smokes in the cabin, whether he follows the traffic rules. 

to all fixed-route taxis,” Yerevan City Hall press secretary Hakob Karapetyan said. 

According to the vice-mayor, the replacement of obsolete vehicles will also begin this year. Hrachya Sargsyan specified that in 2020, 450 fixed-route taxis should be withdrawn from flights, as their service life expires. Soon, about 70 new buses provided by the PRC should be brought to the streets of the city.

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