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Dmitry Peskov explained why the President of the Russian Federation chooses Siberia for holidays

18.04.2021 103 просмотров

Vladimir Putin chooses Siberia for a vacation because he has become attached to it with his soul, Dmitry Peskov believes.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin loves different parts of the country, but prefers Siberia for a secluded vacation, said press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

In an interview with the Rossiya TV channel -1" for the program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin,” a Kremlin spokesman told journalistPavel Zarubin why the president prefers to spend his free time in Siberia. “Apparently, he has become attached to Siberia with his soul, he really loves it,” believesDmitry Peskov.

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that the head of state Far East, he loves Sochi, loves Krasnaya Polyana and loves the Crimea. “Therefore, in this regard, he has preferences for a wide geography, but, indeed, he still prefers to retire in Siberia for several days, really,” said the press secretary.

At the end of March Vladimir Putin together with Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu spent the weekend in the Siberian taiga, where he drove an all-terrain vehicle and took walks. It was not the first vacation of the president in this region. So, in July 2013Vladimir Putin spent the weekend in Tuva and Khakassia. In 2014, he took a day off on his birthday on October 7 and also spent it in the Siberian taiga. After the president rested here in March 2017 and August 2018, he took long walks. Before his birthday in 2019, Putin again visited Siberia, where he gathered mushrooms in the company of Sergey Shoigu, drove an SUV through the taiga and had a picnic by the fire.

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