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Demon slayer movie madly in love with the Japanese

14.12.2020 79 просмотров

In Japan, a new fantasy film has been released, which has become a hit in the autumn-winter season.

A new fantasy anime film directed by Haruo Sotozaki, Demon Slayer, has been released in Japan. The new creation of the masters of Japanese cinema with a duration of 117 minutes is already breaking all records for viewing. The premiere took place on October 16. 

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Curiously, the film appeals to younger audiences as well as older people. The story of a boy who takes revenge on a demon devouring human flesh for the murder of his family, for some reason stirred up the emotional mood of the broadest masses of Japanese citizens.

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Yukiko Ono, 33, Nurse

"I think the movie is so popular, because the plot is very good. After all, we are talking about the love of members of the same family for each other! And then even the demon, as it turned out, has a reason to behave this way ... In general, a wonderful movie!"

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Yukino Imai, 34, nurse:

"I even watched it twice! And only the second time I completely delved into all the storylines ... "

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Yohei Suzuki, 34 years old, clerk: < /p>

"Now, during the epidemic, many people are physically suffering and experiencing strong feelings. I don’t think that the film was shot with an eye on such a target audience, but still it contains some significant meaning for all of us living now and because he is able to interest people. So, in my opinion, it's even good that now this film has become a real hit. "

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Yudai Fukumoto, 16, high school student:

"Each character in the film is unique. When you look, you are directly immersed in the world on the screen.

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When dealing with the worldview of the children of the solar goddess Amaterasu (namely, this is how the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun themselves define themselves), one should never forget about the syncretic, that is, in fact, the pagan religious tradition of the Far Eastern island state.


Most Japanese practice Shinto, spiritualizing nature and cultivating the worship of ancestral spirits. The world of the Japanese is full of invisible entities that do not obey the supreme deity, but live according to the laws of nature. Many of them are neutral or even hostile towards a person, so they need to be appeased or enter into a certain relationship with them. Perhaps it is this view of things that will determine the popularity of the film "The Blade that Cuts the Demons." Nothing is known about the release date of this film in Russia and the CIS.

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