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Day of Russian-Korean friendship was held in Kimjae

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The holiday was held as part of the XX International Horizon Festival.

The main goal of the annual event is to popularize and spread the Korean culture of agriculture, so it is no coincidence that the Byekkolchae area was chosen as the venue for the holiday. Here - in the Honampyeong Valley - is the largest granary in South Korea. The main theme of the event is the horizon, the intangible line where heaven and earth meet. 
In Seoul appeared
pointer to Moscow< /b>
< br> This year the organizers have chosen Russia as the country that will present its culture at the festival. More than 400 Russians took part in the Russian-Korean Friendship Day. According to Andrey Kulik, Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, residents of the Jeollabuk-do province received a unique opportunity to "broaden their horizons and learn more about Russia, relations with which have been developing very dynamically lately," the TASS diplomat reports. 

The ensemble "Vikhr" from Vladivostok and students of Russian schools and educational institutions located in South Korea performed before the guests and participants of the holiday. Genuine interest was caused by an exhibition of paintings painted by Russian compatriots living in South Korea, and a fair of souvenirs from Russia.

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