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The Far East, the Arctic and Belarus will strengthen cooperation in the field of IT and transport

29.01.2023 ТАСС 123 просмотров

Alexey Chekunkov said that the partnership of the Far Eastern Federal District and Belarus will focus on transport and the IT sector.

The development of relations between the Far East, the Arctic and Belarus will focus on six areas, including energy, transport, and high technology. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Regional Development Alexey Chekunkov. "We will focus on six areas: transport (ports, roads, logistics), energy (generation, gas transportation infrastructure, charging stations for electric transport), comfortable environment (smart home, smart city, social infrastructure), food industry (canning, fish, greenhouses, modular complexes for milk and cheese production), manufacturing industry (metal products), high technologies and IT (light helicopters, UAVs, automation, biotechnology, fintech)," he wrote in his Telegram channel following a meeting with Belarusian Economy Minister Alexander Chervyakov on the directions of cooperation in the Far East and the Arctic.

Chekunkov added that Belarus has modern enterprises and a strong technological foundation. It's not just about BelAZ, MAZ and tractors, other technological goods are of interest for localization in the Far East, taking into account the market niches vacated by Western companies.

"Together with the VEB group.The Russian Federation (including the Belarusian "daughter" of BelVEB) will put the Belarusian-Far Eastern cooperation on the project rails, with specific deadlines and resources," the head of the Ministry of Regional Development summed up.

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