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Dagestan introduced mandatory vaccination for certain categories of citizens

21.07.2021 39 просмотров

Dagestan introduced mandatory vaccination against covid for trade and transport workers.

Mandatory vaccination against coronavirus for certain categories of citizens working in the service sector, transportation and a number of other industries was introduced in the Republic of Dagestan due to the unfavorable epidemic situation, according to the decision of the chief state sanitary doctor for the region Nikolai Pavlov.

“I decide to provide prophylactic vaccination against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) according to epidemic indications to the following categories: employees in organizations operating in the field of healthcare, education, trade, catering, beauty salons, public transport ”, the text of the document says.

In addition, employees in the field of postal services, multifunctional centers, housing and communal services and energy, social protection and social services of the cultural sphere, theaters and cinemas are subject to mandatory vaccination.

The Chief State Sanitary Doctor for Dagestan also decided to ensure the vaccination of employees, municipal employees and employees of state control bodies at checkpoints across the state border.

In accordance with the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of Dagestan, these categories of workers must be vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine before August 9, and with the second component - before August 30, 2021 .

As noted in the decree, the weekly increase in cases over the past four weeks ranges from 797 to 1,380 cases, on average, 197 cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection were recorded daily.

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