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Cyprus eased the quarantine regime

10.06.2021 43 просмотров

Cyprus lifts curfew and opens nightclubs.

Significant easing of the quarantine regime is introduced from Thursday in the Republic of Cyprus, including the curfew is lifted. This decision was made on May 27 by the cabinet of ministers of the island state.

The curfew in Cyprus has been in effect continuously for seven months, since November 2020. At the end of spring, the time of its validity began to decrease significantly, and in the last 12 days it extended only to the period from one in the morning to five in the morning.

Starting June 10, the 50% limit on the physical presence of employees in offices private companies. In addition, night clubs will open for visitors from this day for the first time in the last 15 months, that is, from the very beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

It will be possible to enter these clubs only upon presentation of the so-called SafePass - a special pass , which indicates that you are not a carrier of the coronavirus infection. The role of such a pass is still performed by a certificate of a negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus passed in the last 72 hours, as well as documents confirming either the presence of vaccination with at least one dose of the vaccine no later than three weeks ago, or the fact of covid infection within the last six months, which creates the possibility of the presence of antibodies.

On Wednesday, a sanitary protocol for the operation of nightclubs was distributed in Cyprus, from which it follows that employees of these institutions must undergo weekly diagnostic tests for coronavirus, and only those who are already booked my seats. No more than 500 people can be in the club at the same time, while the minimum area for each visitor must be at least two square meters. At those club venues where live performances will take place, up to eight people can sit at one table for the time being, and from July 1 this limit will be increased to 10. According to the protocol, specially designated dance floors in nightclubs are not currently provided.

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