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Cyprus eased anti-covid restrictions

11.04.2022 51 просмотров

Cyprus cancels QR codes in offices and the mandatory wearing of masks on the street.

The mandatory wearing of protective masks in open spaces, as well as the presentation of QR codes at the entrance to office and production premises, is canceled from Monday in the Republic of Cyprus as part of a program of significant easing of anti-COVID restrictions in April. Such a decision was made by the cabinet of ministers of the island state last Thursday.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers, from April 11 in the Greek south of the island “the mandatory use of a protective mask in the open air is canceled”, and also “it will not be required [containing a QR -pass code] SafePass at workplaces. For the same employees who develop symptoms of the disease caused by the coronavirus, the authorities recommend that they take a self-test. At the same time, employees of medical institutions, as well as staff serving patients in nursing homes, will still have to have SafePass in their hands to get to their workplaces.

tent camps, the right to visit patients in public and private hospitals is restored, subject to a preliminary rapid antigen test, the quarantine period in case of covid is reduced from 10 to 7 days, and the number of office employees who are recommended to be transferred to remote work is reduced to 25% of the total number of personnel.

The program approved by the Cabinet of Ministers provides for other steps towards the gradual lifting of restrictions, which will come into effect later. So, for example, starting from April 15, the Cypriot authorities will switch from daily to weekly informing the population about the number of people infected with coronavirus and the number of deaths from covid, and from April 18, QR codes will no longer be required to enter any shopping areas. In the coming week, as before, without them you can only visit stand-alone supermarkets that are not located in shopping centers, as well as small shops and pharmacies.

And, finally, from April 18, air passengers flying to Cyprus will exempted from the tedious online procedure of filling out the long CyprusFlightPass form. From the same day, Cyprus will cancel the categorization of countries of departure, and unvaccinated passengers will only need to present a certificate of a negative result of either a rapid test valid for 24 hours or a 72-hour PCR test upon arrival at Larnaca or Paphos airport.

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