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Cyprus authorities have canceled QR codes for most public places

16.05.2022 65 просмотров

The exceptions are medical institutions.

The Republic of Cyprus is canceling SafePass health passes with QR codes from Sunday when visiting all public places, with the exception of medical institutions. The decision on this in two stages - first on April 20, and then on May 10 - was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers of the island state. only required to enter restricted areas, nursing homes, hospital outpatient departments, medical and diagnostic centers. Those who do not have such a health pass in their hands will be required to present at the entrance to the aforementioned institutions a certificate with a negative result of either a molecular PCR test for the absence of coronavirus infection, which is valid for 72 hours, or a 48-hour rapid antigen test . The same rules will apply not only to visitors from the outside, but also to the staff of these institutions.

It is also allowed to visit patients in public and private hospitals. At the same time, the number of visitors should not exceed two people per day, and regardless of the history of vaccination, they should have the results of an express test passed no earlier than 24 hours ago. If there is a need to increase the number of visitors in urgent cases, then this will require special permission from the hospital administration.

From Sunday, the need for self-isolation of people who are in close contact with carriers of coronavirus and do not having certificates confirming vaccination or recovery from covid. For this reason, the Test to Stay program is also being canceled in schools, which provided for two tests within one week of unvaccinated students and teachers who were in contact with carriers of the coronavirus, but did not want to go into quarantine and sought to continue their studies on school premises. In addition, children under the age of 12 will no longer be required to wear protective masks.

From now on, temples, conference rooms, catering establishments, nightclubs, music and dance halls, venues are also allowed to fill with visitors. various celebrations, including weddings and christenings, for all 100% of their capacity, if their area does not exceed 500 square meters. For larger premises, an 85% limit bar will apply.

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