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Cypriot authorities will ease quarantine restrictions

21.01.2022 105 просмотров

Cyprus will loosen the rules of self-isolation and provide free admission to the country for the vaccinated.

The authorities of the Republic of Cyprus have decided from next week to reduce the period of stay in self-isolation of persons who have been in contact with those infected with coronavirus, and also to provide free admission to the island from the beginning of spring for vaccinated passengers and those who have been ill with covid. This is stated in the decision of the Cypriot Cabinet of Ministers following its meeting on Wednesday.

The document says that the government has reduced the period of self-isolation from 14 to 10 days for those who were in close contact with the infected. Moreover, this period of stay in quarantine can be significantly reduced if, on the seventh day after contact, you pass a PCR test at your own expense and it shows a negative result. At the same time, people who have had a booster vaccination, as well as those who have completed the full course of the initial vaccination no more than seven months ago, are exempted from isolation. These rules come into effect on January 24.

The government also decided to introduce a new system for classifying countries according to the degree of epidemic risk from March 1: it will differ from the one developed by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. According to the new plan, all countries will be divided into three categories from spring: green, red and gray. The first will unite the current green and orange groups, the second - red and dark red, and the third will correspond to the current gray, from which only certain categories of citizens can come to Cyprus. However, as emphasized in the Cabinet of Ministers, these rules will only apply to those who have not been vaccinated with antiviral drugs.

, are exempted from the obligation to comply with the requirements for the relevant category in which the country from which they arrived is located, for example, from presenting a negative laboratory test, from the obligation to comply with quarantine, [to present] an issued special permit, and others,” the decree says.

Certificate and Vaccines

It emphasizes that people vaccinated or recovering from covid "may enter the Republic of Cyprus with a valid vaccination certificate" or a document confirming recovery from the disease caused by coronavirus . At the same time, a certificate of vaccination or recovery will be considered suitable if “it was issued by government authorities” and passengers were vaccinated with one of the following drugs: Janssen vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and BioNTech consortium, Moderna, Sputnik V, vaccines companies Sinopharm, Sinovac, Covaxin vaccine, Sputnik Light (only as a booster dose in the basic vaccination schedule) and Nuvaxovid vaccine.

The island authorities have also decided that passengers aged 18 years and older must receive a booster dose of these vaccines, if nine months have passed since the second dose (two-component vaccines or a single dose of single-component vaccines). The validity of a certificate of recovery after covid will be limited to 180 days from the date of passing the test that showed a positive reaction to coronavirus.

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